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Don't miss out on your inheritance entitlements in Australia. Act quickly to ensure that your rights are fully protected, as time limits apply :-

  • Have you been left out of a will?
  • Do you believe that your inheritance is inadequate?
  • Has an executor incorrectly distributed the deceased's estate or caused unnecessary delays?
  • Is another beneficiary contesting the will and could this adversely affect your fair share of inheritance?
  • Has a dispute arisen over the deceased's money, investment properties, family home, shares, bank accounts, business, jewellery or other assets?

Then you need to speak with an Inheritance Dispute Lawyer. Our Australian inheritance solicitors have many years experience in handling inheritance claims throughout the country.

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Family inheritance Disputes

Most inheritance disputes occur between siblings who are children of the testator, or between children of previous marriages of the testator and spouses and children of later marriages. Often there is differential treatment of children by parents throughout their lives which is then reflected in unequal allocation of inheritance.

Whilst a testator (or will maker) has the right to give away their assets as they please, the law recognises a moral obligation on the part of the testator to ensure that persons dependant (whether wholly or in part) on the testator or living in a close personal relationship with the testator are looked after.

Will disputes are usually intense and the levels of animosity usually result in family schisms which are often irreparable. Our specialist inheritance solicitors have dealt with many matters involving difficult inheritance disputes between family members. They understand how stressful the process can be, and are in the best position possible to guide you legally, objectively and empathically throughout the dispute resolution process.

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Inheritance Claims

The following persons may be eligible to lodge an inheritance dispute claim:

  • a husband or wife, de-facto or same-sex partner of the deceased at time of death
  • a former spouse of the deceased
  • a child of the deceased including adopted children
  • a grandchild of the deceased if they were a member of the household at any time and wholly or partly dependent upon the deceased at any time
  • Persons who were living in a close personal relationship with the deceased person (whether related or not) at the time of their death. A close personal relationship means a relationship between two adults living together where there is the provision of domestic support and personal care
  • Inheritance Litigation

    The majority of inheritance disputes can be settled out-of-court. This involves the parties coming to an agreement as to how the estate should be divided or distributed. Our inheritance lawyers can help negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

    If dispute resolution, conciliation and settlement fail, our inheritance claims lawyers will advise you as to whether litigation would be a good option in your particular case. Should your matter proceed to a court hearing (usually in the Supreme Court), rest assured knowing that our lawyers are skilled litigators with access to reputable counsel (barristers) who will ensure that your best case is put forward.

    Don't take chances by hiring any local general practice solicitor or lawyer. Wills, estates, probate and inheritance litigation is a specialised field of law, and you need an expert whom you can rely on and trust. In fact most Law Societies throughout Australia now offer specialist accreditation in Wills and Estate law. Our inheritance claim solicitors are highly experienced and well-regarded in this complex area of law.

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    No Win No Fee Solicitors

    Our inheritance dispute solicitors perform most of their work on a 'no win no fee' basis. This means that you do not have to pay your solicitor's legal costs unless you are successful, and even then, most legal costs are recoverable from the estate. If your case is unsuccessful there may be some costs involved. Our solicitors will fully explain right from the start, how legal costs work.

    If you have any questions regarding inheritance claims, the legal process, time limits for making a claim, legal costs, call our free helpline. Our helpline operates 24/7 Australia-wide.

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